Our Mission

The Have A Standard Foundation exists to individuals to pursue success for themselves and for their communities.

The Have A Standard Approach

As a CoreFire Certified Organization, the Have A Standard Foundation uses CoreFire curricula to host youth programs designed to begin equipping students with practical assets they need to succeed. During these programs, Have A Standard Foundation focuses on helping students discover….

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Guiding Vision

The Passion To Pursue Your Dreams

During our programs, students articulate their plans for the future. With this new direction, they are able to begin identifying the necessary steps toward acheiving their personal and professional ambitions.


The Passion To Pursue Your Vision

Students begin an incredible journey of self-discovery, on which they develop an understanding of what drives them. They also begin developing an understanding of how to continue moving forward even when things get tough.


The Mark Of True Success

At Have A Standard, experiences will challenge a student’s definition of success as they begin learning the priceless value of integrity, because a person’s real character affects everything they do.
Students gain both the tools and motivation to continue their growth into healthy citizen-leaders within their communities to win the future of Memphis.

Never Stop Learning

The Have A Standard Foundation is dedicated to meeting students where they are. As such, we are continually testing and implementing new, relevant strategies to interact with our students.