We know you’re going to have a blast. For over a decade, our coaches have hosted Rescue Trainings for students of all ages. Not only is Rescue Training fun, it is the perfect opportunity for classmates, teammates, friends, and family to grow closer together in an exciting, high-energy atmosphere.

What Is Rescue Training?

When you arrive at one of our certified CoreFire Training Zones, you’re entering the world of the CoreFire Commandos. The CoreFire Commandos are an elite team of search-and-rescue operatives, ready for deployment on missions around the world at a moment’s notice. Rescue Training is how CoreFire Commandos prepare for the mental and physical challenges they encounter on missions. So, during Rescue Training, you will become one of the CoreFire Commandos!

How Much Does Rescue Training Cost?

Rescue Training for students is only $8.00 per participant. Schedule your Rescue Training TODAY by contacting us using the information below.

How Does Rescue Training Work?

We’re glad you asked. Below, you will find a brief description of how Rescue Training works.

When you arrive, your group of 6-250 people will be divided into teams of 6 to 8. These teams will compete in all 12 challenges.

A hand-picked, trained CoreFire Coach will guide you through the Training Zone and provide instructions for each challenge.

Your Coach will record your challenge scores online with the CoreFire Scoring System. The team with the most points wins!

Rescue Training is a 90-minute event that includes 12 fun, exciting challenges. Each challenge takes 5 minutes to complete.

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